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The ORGANA Collection

The collection consists of finest quality organs - portatives, table organs and positives - built by Walter Chinaglia, a well-known specialist in historical organs. After meticulous analyses of iconography, historical treatises, repertoires and musical contexts, he applied original building techniques and materials to recreate this particular set of organs.

The ORGANA collection shows a unique overview on organ evolution and different organ styles from medieval to pre-baroque. Each instrument can be considered as an authentic interpretation of historical sources. Thanks to a detailed study of proportions, materials and voicing, their sound quality is considered the closest yet to the sound of the original instruments.

The collection is being continuously enriched by new pieces: new organs take shape and come to life as a result of constant research.

The Instruments in detail

Current Research Projects

The ORGANA Collection at your venue

Since 2012 Walter Chinaglia has been touring Europe to share his expertise on these exceptional instruments both with specialists and the interested public, offering the unique opportunity to experience the construction techniques and quality of the organs close up, and to enjoy the beautiful sound-world of the past.

During the lectures held by Walter Chinaglia, the public is introduced to the art of organ building which involves several subjects: music, physics, mathematics, technology (metallurgy, carpentry, woodwork) but also themes like poetry, faith, hope and emotions…

Starting from an organ's origins, the audience is taken on a vibrant and inspirational journey through the centuries!


Recitals performed by international specialists on various organs of the ORGANA collection, complement the lectures with a variety of compositions from the 12th to the 16th century.
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