Italian Harpsichord

Project and building: Walter Chinaglia, 2005
Based on the harpsichord of G.B. Giusti, 1681, Lucca, Museum of Nürnberg

Compass: C1 - E5, tax wood / ebony

Stops: 2 x 8’

Tuning: 415 / 440 Hz

Keyboard: cut from a single lime wood board

Diatonic keys covered with tax wood, chromatic keys covered with ebony.

Case: poplar, harmonic table of top quality spruce
Easel: shaped poplar
Jacks: beech or pear (Delrin plectra)
Strings: brass Malcolm Rose
Finishing: green or red venetian varnish with antique finish, golden decoration.

Model C-e
Extension: C1 - E5 (first chromatic octave)
Dimensions: 197 x 83 x 26 cm

Model GG-e
Extension: G0 - E5 (first chromatic octave)
Dimensions: 218 x 90 x 26 cm

The instrument is built without using any form of plywood.

The instrument is available for rent
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Sound example:
Tesori di Napoli - Recorder Sonatas 1707-1733
Daniel Rothert, Luca Quintavalle
Hänsler Classic
«Cembalisti napoletani e Frescobaldi»
Enrico Baiano
Accademia di Musica Antica, 5 April 2018
Haendel - Lascia ch'io pianga
Davide Pozzi
Transcription for harpsichord