Extremely compact
Baroque style organ

This project was aimed to explore the limit of compactness for a chest organ equipped with a full range of 8' pipes, preserving the perfect speech of each pipe as well as free access for tuning. Unlike many chest organs crowded with pipes, in this instrument the presence of the façade at a standing person's height contributes to the diffusion of the unforced sound towards the audience.
The organ consists of two parts, the upper case and the table. The latter hosts the upper case during transportation, considerably reducing the size.
Project and building: Walter Chinaglia, 2019
Compass: C1-c5, chromatic (without C#1), 48 keys
Stops: Gedackt 8'
Pipes: larch wood
Pitch: 415/440Hz
Temperament: all
Keyboard: box-wood and walnut
Bellows: one bellows (reservoir) on top (reservoir), one pumping bellows
Case: larch wood
Size: 165 x 92 x 54 cm when in use. For transportation, the upper organ case can be hosted inside the table, reducing the size to: 72 x 92 x 54 cm
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