Baroque Organ spanish style

Project and building: Walter Chinaglia, 2008
The organ is situated at the Cathedral of Pamplona, Spain

Flautado Major 8’
Violon 8’ di legno tappato
Octava 4’ Real
Flautado en docena 2 2/3’
Flautado en quincena 2’
Flautado en decinovena 1 1/3’
Flautado en XXIIa
Corneta 3H
Regalia 8’

All stops are divided at C3/C#3

Pitch: La=440 Hz
Keyboard: C1 – G5 (first chromatic octave, 56 keys) ebony/ebony-ivory

Case: solid spruce; internals chestnut. Decoration with golden tempera colours, by Michele Barchi.
Size: height: 310cm; width: 160 cm; depth: 90 cm
Mechanics: suspended
Power-source: electric fan, two bellows inside the organ

The instrument is mounted on invisible wheels thus allowing smooth movements and easy transportation.

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