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Walter Chinaglia - who combines a degree in physics with a passion for early music - has been conducting specific research on historical organs for more than fifteen years. Based on medieval iconography, historical sources, treatises and following traditional building methods, he has reinterpreted the historical styles and thus created a range of finest quality instruments: the ORGANA collection.
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21 June 2022

La Musica di Leonardo

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Chest organ 3 stops
Teatro alla Scala, Milan, 03/2024
Collegium Vocale Gent
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Orgues Nouvelles: 'Des sons ondulants dans l’orgue portatif médiéval ?’  Read more
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Early Music: 'An ingenious musical machine from the imagination of Leonardo da Vinci’  Read more
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OYB 50: Recreating a large Italian Renaissance–style ‘organo di legno’
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Conservatorio di Como
Recent acquisition of a chest organ with 3 stops
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Now online: Virtual Exhibition "Materiality of Musical Instruments" Deutsches Museum Munich
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Duoi Organi per Monteverdi
Research project aiming to recreate the sound of open, wooden pipes.
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The ORGANA collection

The ORGANA collection, which consists of portatives, positives and table organs, has been showcased in prestigious places all over Europe, and offers an overview on organ evolution from medieval to pre-baroque.

Other Instruments

Besides portative organs Walter Chinaglia designs and builds various kinds of pipe organs, harpsichords and claviorgans.
Visit the Atelier
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Our Atelier also offers restoration, tuning, maintaining, modifying and reconditioning services for your instruments.


Instruments can be rented for courses, workshops and concerts.

Music room

We offer space for rehearsals, practice, small performances / recitals, workshops.


We organise courses on Keyboard performance, Organ building, Historical temperaments and tuning techniques
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