Positive organ with two keyboards and pedalboard

Project and building: Walter Chinaglia, 2010
The Organ is situated at Bellinzona, CH, Chiesa del Sacro Cuore


First manualé
Principale reale 8’
Ottava 4'
Decimaquinta 2'
Cimbalo 2F

Second manual:
Bordone di legno 8’
Ottava 4' di legno
cornetto 2F (dal G2) (in due file separate)

Bordone 16’

Unione II-I
Unione I man-ped

Metal pipes: tin-lead alloy (30% tin)
Wooden pipes: fir and cypress

Keyboards: C1 - A5 (58 keys), taxwood (diatonic keys) and cypress/ebony (chromatic keys)

Pedals: C-F 30 notes, parallel pedalboard

Tuning: A=440 hz at 18C

Power-source: bellow and engine inside the organ

Case: made of solid chestnut, in line with the decorative moldings that can be found inside the church

Size: height: 270cm; width: 275 cm; depth: 75 cm + 62 cm pedalboard
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