Chest Organ 3 stops

Project and building: Walter Chinaglia, 2007
The organ is situated at the University of Paris-Sorbonne

Bordone 8’ spruce/cypress from C3
Flauto 4’ in cypress
Principale 2’ in metal

Tuning: any pitch and temperament
Keyboard: C1 – F5 (first chromatic octave) covers in taxus/ebony, ebony/bone cypress/ebony; C1 415 Hz, F5 440 Hz
Transposition keyboard: A=390 - 415 - 430 - 440 - 465Hz

Case: solid chestnut
Size: height: 100cm; width: 55 cm; depth: 90 cm
Mechanics: “a pironi”
Power-source: internal electric fan, one bellow

The instrument is built as one single block, can be transported in large car trunks and easily be lifted by two persons. It is mounted on wheels thus allowing easy movement on smooth floors.
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© Photos: Paolo Dal Prato, Studio Hänninen