Chest Organ with principal, 3 stops

Project and building: Walter Chinaglia, 2009

The Organ has been sold to the United Kingdom and is now part of a private collection of organs, harpsichords and harmoniums, The English Organ School & Museum (EOS):

Principale 8’
Ottava 4’
KrummhornRegal 8’

Tuning: any pitch and temperament
Keyboard: C1 – F5 (54 keys) ebony, ebony/bone; C1 can be tuned to 415 Hz
Transposition keyboard: A=390 - 415 - 430 - 440 - 465Hz
Pipes: open pipes in cypress, based on measures from renaissance organs

Case: solid cypress
Size: height: 100cm; width: 55 cm; depth: 93 cm, tower 52 x 48 x 268 cm
Mechanics: “a pironi”
Power-source: electric fan and bellow inside the organ

The square, entirely open pipes of the instrument are made of wood with the typical sound of a “principale”. Based on the only remaining historic organs of this kind in Innsbruck/Austria and Montepulciano/Italy, this organ reproduces the original characteristic sound, but at the same time it can be transported easily by separating the tower.

Canzona - Ottava 4’
Toccata - Principale e Ottava 4
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David Rumsey, organist and expert on medieval organ culture about the Chest organ with principal:

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